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Digital "slide show" requirements for


We want to make this as painless as possible for everyone and have the digital shows go VERY SMOOTH.  Thus, the following standards will be used by everyone wishing to show digital images instead of film based slides.  No exceptions will be made.

Image size & type:

horizontal - 768x512 pixels at 72 ppi(dpi)
vertical - 512x768 pixels at 72 ppi(dpi)
JPG images only

No special color settings or other features (sRGB highly recommended).  Each presenter will provide around 30 images labeled with the order number and any other name you like starting at 01NAME.jpg and ending with 30NAME.jpg.  Other file information may follow in the file name, but they must be in numbered order of display.  The images will be displayed similar to the regular film slides at a set time for each image with no special transitions, no music, or any other specialized programming.

All images will be shown from a single, provided computer and may be provided via USB memory stick, CD-ROM or DVD, CompactFlash, or other standard storage media.  The images are due before the presentations for that night begin and will be displayed that night.  Any image that does not meet the above specifications will be removed and not shown.  It is the same as if you provided a slide that would not fit in the projector.  Once the programs are complete, the images will be deleted from the display computer.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

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