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All Rio Grande MDVGJX-19
On Sunday, November 19, 2000, the MDVGJX-19 ran from Denver to Grand Junction, Colorado with all Rio Grande locomotives, or nearly all Rio Grande...

DRGW 5361, 5407 & SP 5412 pull the manifest by West Range, CO.  The SP 5412 is the former DRGW 5412 and carries "DRGW" markings beneath the number on the cab.

Rolling downhill along the Colorado River between Range and Dotsero.

North (railroad east) of Dotsero where the Tennessee Pass line cuts off and follows the Eagle River towards the Continental Divide.

Mount Sopris looms in the background as the manifest enters the Glenwood Yard to do a little switching.  The gondolas next to the train were brought in the day before by a work train from the Tennessee Pass line.
The manifest added DRGW 3085 and 3126 to the head end power along with 10 gondolas loaded with scrap.  These two 4 axle units were the power for the WGJGJ-18 the day before.

The work train started out from Grand Junction and made it all the way to Minturn by mid afternoon to pick up some empty cars and then returned west picking up the rest at Wolcott.  However, the crew ran out of time before making it back to Grand Junction and had to tie the train down in Glenwood Springs.

While the manifest was switching, the eastbound MRODV-18 and Amtrak #6 passed through Glenwood Springs.

The MDVRO-19 now powered by DRGW 5361, 5407, (SP) 5412, 3085 and 3126 cruises through West Chacra.

Give the MDVGJX-19 a roll-by inspection and continue on to Grand Junction...
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