August 21, 1999 railfanning

UP EC-4   |   Action in Glenwood Springs
New Gypsum Crossings   |   TP End of the Line & In the Weeds

UP EC-4 at Glenwood Springs UP EC-4 is 'a full-dimension test car, just like the Sperry cars the D&RGW / SP contracted," according to Bruce Collins.  It left a number of slow orders in its wake until the track is repaired.  Here the EC-4 passes through the east end of Glenwood yard right behind a ZDVRO I failed to get a shot of as it flew by.
Here is UP EC-4 passing through the Chacra siding west of Glenwood Springs.  The logo on the side below the UP shield says "Today's Data, Tomorrow's Technology."  It looked like quite a good ride with captains chairs and a nice view.
UP EC-4 passing through Chacra

A Santa Fe C44-9W slowly leads a eastbound BNSF trackage rights train through the siding in front of the Glenwood Springs depot.  This train had a BN C30-7 as the third unit.  This unit is probably being leased by Norfolk Southern to repay horsepower hours.

Below, is the westbound manifest that the BNSF train met.  There are five SP AC4400s on the point of this train.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a clear shot of this train.

This train was hauling mostly containers, which the top of can be seen in the gondolas.  These were not typical containers but were almost like the garbage containers with fabric covers I have seen up on the UP in Cheyenne, WY.  The containers were on both flatcars and in gondolas.  If anyone knows what they are hauling, I am curious to know.

Here is what UP signal crews have been working on for the past few months - new crossings between Gypsum and Sage on the under utilized Tennessee Pass line.  This is the new crossing AND road at MP 334.65.  The sign on the signal hut notes this as the B&B Excavating crossing.  As far as I could tell, no train has ever gone across this crossing since it was completed.
This is the new crossing recently installed at MP 334.25 at an existing road to the Schmidt Ranch which is also a gravel pit.  In the distance you can see the other new crossing to the west towards Gypsum.  The end of the  line used to be just a 1/4 mile behind us but that rail was replaced when the crossings were installed and another section removed a half mile farther to the east near Sage.
MP 334.25

The end of the line coming east from Dotsero and Gypsum.  This is roughly MP 333.50.  It looks like the rail was hastily removed and throw off to the side unlike the previous break where the rail was just rolled over on the ties.
Plenty of rust has formed on the top of the rails.  This is the joint where the rail was removed.

In the weeds...
This is what a good portion of the Tennessee Pass line is beginning to look like in Eagle County.  I don't believe any weed control has been done this summer and the weeds are starting to take over.  Here the tracks kind of disappear before they go around the curve but I guess that is the point of the image.

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