The 'Last' Malta Turn - March 9, 1999
This is a slightly revised version of one of the first railfan webpages I ever posted to the internet.  In some ways you could say it is the start of Mountain West Rail.  It has now been two years since there has been any revenue service on the former DRGW's Tennessee Pass line so it seemed like a good time to repost these images.  Thankfully, over the last couple years the image quality on MWR has improved!  I have left all of the original comments intact and added a few new ones, where appropriate, in light blue.

'Last' Malta Turn sitting in the yard.
The train as I found it at 7:20am.  It was 6 degrees Fahrenheit!  DRGW GP40 3080 and GP40-2 3107 with DRGW boxcar 63770 used for MOW and 4 loaded gondolas - DRGW 6030, 6049, & 6037, and MP 643445.
A more direct shot.  The first two gondolas had covers and were destined for East Helena, MT while the back two gondolas were without covers and were headed for Vancouver, WA.
High Ball!
Getting out of Malta an 8:09am after receiving clearance from the dispatcher.

It was a little train in a big valley.  Here the train travels across the Upper Arkansas River valley with 12,893 foot Galena Mountain in the background.
Across the valley...

A lucky shot of Rio Grande on a Rio Grande bridge. Continuing "east" south of the Kobe siding.

This image made it into the MWR Volume 1 Screen Saver.

It is barely readable now but it still says Rio Grande on the bridge.  Probably one of the last times we'll see Rio Grande units on a Rio Grande bridge around here.

Well, maybe not the last time with the work trains that were on this part of the line over the summer of 2000.

A lucky shot of Rio Grande on a Rio Grande bridge.

Watch out!  Railfans...
This picture tells more of the story.  There were 15 people out there in 7 vehicles jockeying for that 'perfect' shot.  As the highway sign says, we're now 15 miles from Leadville.

Hey, can anyone tell I had a new vehicle at this time?  That was one deer, a blown tire, a catalytic converter, 3500 plus gallons of fuel, and 53,000 miles ago though!

With the hamlet of Granite, CO in the background the train hugs the Arkansas River on its way towards Pueblo.
Hugging the Arkansas River near Granite...

Weaving through the valley...
This is a great S-Curve to watch a long train go through, will we ever get that chance again?

I left the train at Princeton siding because I had too much to do back at work In Avon.  Here you can see where the Gyralite was removed and the hole plated over on GP40 3080.
Goodbye for now...

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