Another Work Train to Minturn - Nov. 18, 2000
A couple e-mails from Tom McConnell and a phone call from Todd Busse on Saturday morning warned me of a work train headed to Minturn with DRGW 3126 and 3085.  I figured they were coming back to pick up the 22 empty gondolas they had left on Nov. 3rd, but wasn't sure what other work would be done.  The work train (WGJGJ-18) brought no cars with them and traveled as light power all the way from Grand Junction to Minturn.

Breaking ice at West Minturn...
The recent snow had packed the crossing full of ice and road gravel so the light engines had to sneak across the crossing at West Minturn.  A couple times they backed up so the crew could clean out the debris.
After attaching the FRED to the rear of the empties at Minturn, the crew pushed a bit of snow on east towards the Turntable Restaurant.

The engineer locked down the power just outside the Turntable and all three crewmen and the UP MOW person headed inside for beans.

It appeared that nothing was loaded into the gondolas at Minturn during their two week stay.

Parking near the Turntable in Minturn...

Cleaning out another crossing... After lunch, George from the UP Engineering Dept. headed down to the west crossing in Minturn to clear the siding crossing for the light engines.  First he used a shovel and then got out this pick to clear the ice in short order.  The train crew thought they might have to use a fusee on the switch lock, but it wasn't frozen.
Three railfans from Iowa just happened to find this work train today and were having a great time railfanning.  Here, two of the three members of the crew are posing for a picture.  Who knows, this may be the last train out of Minturn for a long time.
Say cheese...

Finally headed west along the Eagle River... After pumping up the air on the assembled train and making sure the EOT was working, the work train departed Minturn about 2:45pm.  Clouds had moved in while the train was in Minturn and it looked like snow would soon arrive in the Vail Valley.  As you can see, a majority of the Eagle River is already frozen over just west of Minturn.

Snow has come to the Vail Valley a little earlier than the last few years.  Vail's Game Creek Bowl is to the left of the train as it glides along the main line at Avon.
Passing through Avon...

All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.
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