October 4, 1999 Railfanning
The Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus Train

I found out about the Circus Train from the usual great source in SLC.  Thanks Gary!  I followed the train via UP's trace and updates from the D&RGW list.  The train took a two hour break at Lacy to feed and water the animals which gave me more time to get out of the office. :-)
Along the Colorado River  |  More than just the engines  |  Around the river bend...
Crew change at Bond  |  Lights in the darkness

Across the river... Luckily the train left Salt Lake City early Monday morning.  Otherwise, I would have not had the chance to see the train in daylight - even if the late afternoon lighting was a little tough to shoot.  This is one of the many bridges which cross the Colorado River between Range and Burns.
Late sunlight,
Shiny steel train so bright,
Snaking along the river from the light.
Steel snake...

Blue skies and sunshine.
This spot where the Colorado River Road crosses the tracks at grade is becoming a favorite of mine.  Behind the last two dormitory cars are the flat cars loaded with containers, vehicles, and other equipment.
Run, Todd, Run.  The end of the train nears as a fellow member of TAB Associates makes a break for the Suburban to continue the chase.  It's great having another railfan in the office.
Back to the chase.

Fall colors along the river. The trees are now at their peak along the Colorado River.  Soon we'll see a little snow along this curve and in the hills behind the train - hopefully.  Most of the 55 car train is visible in this image.
It was a little crowded in Bond so the Circus train slowed to a stop on the approach to the tunnel west of Bond.  Power from the Circus train from Salt Lake City to Denver was UP 9342, SP 7601 and SP 7677.
Late evening sunlight.

Slowing for a crew change at Bond. Norfolk Southern and Conrail units are the power for a MOW train in the yard at Bond, while the Circus train glides in next to an eastbound loaded coal train for a crew change.
What kind of test car is this old Budd car?  It is labeled T-10 and was stopping for the night in Bond.  There was plenty of activity with it and the MRODV in the East Bond siding.
Another test car?
Leaving Bond. It was a quick crew change at Bond but the train sat there for at least 15 minutes.  The RB&BB trainmaster and others were out on the ground closing up the animal cages for the rest of the trip to Denver.  The trainmaster voiced some concern about the air quality in Moffat Tunnel and requested a 45 minute warning because it would set off all the alarms on the train and the fumes might harm the animals.  The crew said they would tell the dispatcher to make sure the bore was clear before they entered.

Every one of the dormitory cars had exterior lighting which made for a interesting sight after the sun had sank behind the hills.  If either of the RB&BB circus trains ever make it to your area, be sure to get out and see it.
Night Light.

Following the circus train out of Bond was a MRODV (manifest - Roper to Denver) and the coal train which was in the West Bond siding.  And then behind all the UP trains was a BNSF trackage rights train.  A very busy evening around Bond.
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All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.

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