Slides from the Nov. 4th derailment at Yarmony
Below are twelve slides that I took at the Yarmony derailment site between Saturday afternoon just hours after the derailment and Wednesday, Nov. 8th, when they started to rerail the locomotives.

Slide 35
West Yarmony for the Colorado River Road.
Slide 34
Emergency crews were still on site when I arrived and the lights were still turned on the lead locomotive, UP 7193.
Slide 32
UP employees and Avon firefighters inspect the damage.
Slide 33

Notice the break in the train in the distance above the derailed units.
Slide 31
The best close up of the damage of UP 7193.

I returned to the derailment site at about 9:30pm to see how the clean-up was progressing.  I took the following time-lapse photographs over the next four hours.

Slide 29

The rerailed SP unit is now serving as part of a two unit work train ready to respond if needed.  The two sideboom CATs from Bond are being unloaded from their flatcars in the distance beyond the derailed locomotives.  Also already on site are a trac-hoe and front end loader.
Slide 27

The silver boxcar on the right is part of the Bond work train.  One sideboom CAT is moving along the derailed units while the other one is waiting to be unloaded from its flatcar.
Slide 26

The hunk of steel on the left is one of three wrecked coal cars from the eastbound train.

Slide 25

The best shot of the whole night.  The Denver work train arrived around 11:30pm and they unloaded the two sideboom CATs from this train which are show on the left.  The other two sideboom CATs from Bond are to the right while the trac-hoe begins to move a wrecked coal car and position it for removal.

By early Sunday afternoon, most the UP crews had left and the line was about ready for its first revenue trains to pass by the derailment site approximately 26 hours after it happened.

Slide 23
The signal crews are testing the eastbound signal for West Yarmony to be sure it is in working order.  This view finally shows the conductor's side of the unit.
Slide 19
The first revenue train through is the ZRODV-08 with UP 4177 and 4034 for power.

On Wednesday, two private cranes had been brought in to rerail the units.  The rear unit, UP 8029, was rerailed that afternoon and the lead unit, UP 7193, was put back on the rails Thursday morning.

Slide 18
There was some wonder if these cranes could even lift the units, but they got the job done.

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