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First of all, I would like to thank the countless railroad employees who have provided valuable information, critiques, and interest in this website.  I wish I could thank them by name so that you would know who they are and how helpful they have been.  But, sometimes you just can not name, names.  So, for those of you out there who work for the railroads and have helped me out - I thank you.

The people listed below can be named and they have been helpful too!  With each name is either a short bio, some links, or both, and an e-mail address if you would like contact them about their work displayed on Mountain West Rail.

Paul Ziemba -

Tunnel District - along the Front Range along the former D&RGW.

"I have been hiking and photographing scenery and wildlife in and around the Colorado’s Tunnel District for more years than I can remember.  So it was just natural for me to turn the camera and start photographing trains.  The Tunnel District is one of my favorite places to spend a day, anytime of the year.  The Rio Grande has always been a favorite of mine, growing up along the line in Arvada, but as they disappear from the Moffat, I have learned to catch them wherever they may be.  Lately the urban landscape of Denver has been catching my attention, but that’s another story." - Paul

Todd Busse -

November 5, 1999 railfanning around Bond, CO.
December 19, 1999 railfanning between Dotsero and Bond, CO.
BNSF, Amtrak, SD40T-2s, and coal trains around Bond, CO - Feb. 11, 2000
Rio Grande SD40T-2s in Helper, Utah - Jan. 15, 2000

"I grew up and have lived the majority of life in the Upper Midwest. In June of ‘99 I decided it was time for a change and moved to the mountains of Colorado.  I have had a fascination with trains ever since I can remember, but it wasn't until I moved to Colorado that I started to chase and photograph trains.  I have to thank Paul for giving me a thrilling introduction into train chasing.  There is nothing like pacing a train at 40 mph, 5 feet from the train or standing hundreds of feet above the track on a canyon wall."  -Todd

Frank Keller -
MRL in Montana

Oregon, Wash. & Idaho

"I have been a railfan for as long as I can remember, however, I didn't become a serious railfan until I got my first car in 1981.  Growing up in Southern California gave me ample places to explore from Cajon Pass to Tehachapi and everywhere in between.  I made my first out of state trip to Colorado in 1983.  I have been fascinated with the Rio Grande ever since that first trip.  I finally moved to Rio Grande country, aka Colorado Springs, in 1994 and spend my free days photographing what remains of the Rio Grande." - Frank

Rod Carbone -

Along the Moffat Route

"In 1974, I hired out in Engine Service with the Rio Grande at Grand Junction, Colorado.  I have enjoyed taking pictures of my friends and the railroad for the past 26 years." - Rod

Scott Borchardt -
Helper to Soldier Summit, Utah

In Washington along the Columbia River
Stevens Pass in October 2000

Bob Eisthen -
The northern part of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming

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