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The D&RGW list is devoted to the discussion of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (and its predecessors) and also to current operations on former Rio Grande trackage.  The list was started by Keith Williams to promote discussions among fans of the Denver & Rio Grande Western.  Paul Birkholz, of Mountain West Rail, is the moderator of the D&RGW list at YahooGroups.

To learn more about this e-mail based list, visit a few of the websites of some of its members listed below or simply join the list and review the archives.  The D&RGW site ring, below,  is also a good source for websites with information and images of the D&RGW and its predecessors.

Mike Bateman's The RAILBLAZER
Nathan Holmes' DRGW.NET
Matt Hanne's Colorado Front Range Photos
Kevin Morganís Unofficial D&RGW
James Griffinís DRGW Railroad
The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society
Don Strack's Data on the D&RGW
Scott Meier's iDRGW

Railfanning the D&RGW
with Mountain West Rail

Welcome to Mountain West Rail.  This site covers all of the Mountain West, but this section is only about the Rio Grande - or at least what is left of the Rio Grande and its former lines.  I have a little more modern approach to the DRGW than some of the sites on the DRGW webring.  Thus, in the links to the states of Colorado and Utah you will also find Utah Railway, Southern Pacific, BNSF, and Union Pacific.

Z-RODV at Troublesome, CO.
MWR in Colorado

From the Front Range to the West Slope with a little more from around Bond.  Lots of Rio Grande power on everything from manifests to Z-trains.

MWR in Utah

The last concentration of DRGW SD40T-2s in Helper in 1999 & 2000 and over Soldier Summit along with Cisco to Provo and the Cane Creek and Pleasant Valley Branches.
MRODV-17 near Desert, Utah.

Guido Beck's photos of former D&RGW GP40s in Argentina with 3 axle trucks!

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