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Ex-DRGW GP40s in Argentina
Guido Beck, of Argentina, provided the following photos of three former Denver & Rio Grande Western GP40s now working in Argentina.  What makes these units so unique now, other than being in Argentina after being in the Rockies, is they now have 66-inch gauge 3-axle trucks!

The historic information about these units is from Don Strack's D&RGW information page which is copied here with permission.  Each one of these units was rebuilt by Conrail's Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA and shipped without trucks to Argentina.  There, they were equipped with 66-inch gauge A-1-A trucks.

D&RGW 3070 eventually became Minera La Alumbrera 9303.

D&RGW 3073 eventually became Minera La Alumbrera 9304.
It appears that the rail on this line is rather light and probably the reason the units received two extra axles to distribute the weight of the unit.

D&RGW 3074 eventually became Minera La Alumbrera 9302.

If you would like to contact the photographer, please e-mail Guido Beck in Argentina.

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