Mountain West Rail
The Cañon Local
Pueblo to Cañon City, CO - January 23, 2003
Photography by Paul Birkholz
Guided by Frank Keller & Paul Ziemba

The Cañon Local runs west from Pueblo Monday through Friday serving online industries in Portland and Cañon City. Click on any thumbnail to view a larger image or view all the large images at once.

The power is usually waiting in the engine facility at Pueblo before departure.  On the right, the assembled train is accelerating through Goodnight, CO and onto single track.

Westbound through Adobe, Colorado

Adobe is the siding just west of the Holcim cement plant at Portland.  Sometimes there are coal loads stored here for the plant, but there wasn't any work to be done at Portland this day.  Instead, the local had two empty gondolas for an industry and 15 coal loads for the power plant in Cañon City, CO.

 Between Florence and Cañon City, the tracks cross the Arkansas River and pass through some marsh areas.

Switching out the two empty gondolas in the west end of the yard at Cañon City, CO.

The Cañon Local, known as LDS53, usually serves the power plant at Cañon City on Monday's and Thursdays.  The practice is to deliver the loads to the west end of the plant and then return to the east to remove the empties.

Returning eastbound at West Adobe, Colorado.  The train picked up 18 empties in Cañon City to be delivered to Pueblo.

Just a few miles out of Pueblo, the Local glides downhill through Drycreek.

For the last couple months of 2002 and into 2003, the Local has been powered by mostly D&RGW units.  This was one of the few days it only ran with two units.

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