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The Third Annual Spirals Conference was held in Field, B.C. on June 1 & 2, 2001 and a small group of us, including myself, Todd Busse, and Frank Keller, headed north for the event.  After having plenty of fun at the border with Immigration Canada, we had the chance to photograph along the Canadian Pacific main line in the mountains of Alberta and eastern British Columbia.  Below are just a few photographs from the days spent in Canada.  For a larger view (100k+), simply click on the image.

CP 9537 West near Exshaw, AB on June 1, 2001.  One of the few sunny days while in Canada.  This train had just dropped off some empty cars to a local working at Exshaw and then dropped the rest of the empty autoracks near Canmore before the crew took a van back to Calgary.

CP 9553 West on Train 177 creeps through Yoho, BC on June 2, 2001 as it descends from the continental divide.  Yoho is located between the Upper and Lower Spiral Tunnels on the west side of Kicking Horse Pass. 

CP 9649 leads a westbound unit train into Field, BC on June 2, 2001 in the early afternoon.  Field is the end of the steep decent from Kicking Horse Pass and also the division point between the Laggan and Mountain Subdivisions.

The Saturday presentations at the Spirals Conference ran a bit long which made capturing this photo at 1:30 am quite easy.  The bright lights of the yard illuminate the uninhabited Field, BC depot on June 3, 2001 as the moon filters through the clouds above.

The Trans-Canada Highway provides nice views like this one east of Golden, BC.  CP 9602 West (aka Train 177) snakes along the Kicking Horse River west of Palliser, BC on June 3, 2001.

CP 9602 & 9520 lead Train 177 at Moberly, BC on June 3, 2001.  Moberly is a few miles west of Golden, BC on the Mountain Subdivision.

In 1988, Canadian Pacific Railway completed a new passage through the Selkirk Mountains.  Train 177 is exiting the west portal of the Mount MacDonald Tunnel which was bored through the mountains to create part of the lower passage over Rogers Pass.

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