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Day in North America 2000
CTC Board Railroads Illustrated picks a day each year to send its readers scurrying outside to take photos and send them in to make their all photo issue.  The day was September 23rd in 2000 and myself, Todd Busse, Chuck Donaldson, and Steve Schulte spent the better part of the day along the Colorado River between Dotsero and Azure, Colorado.  Of course, one of the key elements about getting a photo in this special issue of CTC Board is to SEND IT IN!  However, I forgot.  So here are a few that I might have thought about sending in to CTC Board, but probably not...

ZRODV-23 in Bond, CO.... The ZDVRO-23, led by UP SD70M 4029, makes a quick crew change at Bond, CO.

Chuck Donaldson of took this excellent photo of the same Z-train at Bond.  He snapped this shot off and then ran towards the rest of us screaming at him to shake a leg and get in the Suburban for the chase.  Good thing he ignored us!

The ZDVRO-23 rolls across the Colorado River before entering a tunnel just out of view.
Crossing the Colorado....

Down the Colorado River... The Z-train is making good time as they roll down the river between Bond and Dell, CO.

A loaded, eastbound coal train nears State Bridge after coming off the Craig Branch and joining the main line at Bond.
Approaching State Bridge...

WB in Little Gore Canyon...
An empty, westbound coal train snakes its way through Little Gore Canyon on its way to Energy Mine located on the Craig Branch.

The same eastbound coal train, as shown near State Bridge, makes its passage through Little Gore Canyon after the empty.
WB in Little Gore Canyon...

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