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Day in North America 2001
CTC Board Railroads Illustrated selected July 21st for 2001's Day in North America event.  I heeded the call and spent most of the day out along the rails of BNSF in Sheridan County, Wyoming.  This year, I actually sent the following photos into the magazine, unlike DINA 2000.  Simply click on the thumbnail image to view a larger version or view all of the larger images in one page.  - Paul Birkholz

After a quick crew change in Sheridan, WY, the eastbound P-SSEMEM1-19 climbs the 1.6% grade of Sheridan Hill behind BNSF 514 & 7264.

The Bighorn Mountains loom behind the P-SSEMEM1-19 led by freshly painted BNSF 514 and a little dirtier BNSF 7264 just east of Sheridan, WY in the early morning sunlight.

BNSF 514 East climbs towards Dutch, Wyoming in the morning sunshine with the Bighorn Mountains in the background.  This P-SSEMEM1-19 is a mixture of intermodel and manifest cars on this day.

BNSF 514 & 7264 lead the P-SSEMEM1-19 east past the Golden Willow Ranch east of Verona, WY as the train climbs the 1.25% grade towards Ulm.

The P-SSEMEM1-19, with BNSF 514 & 7264, climbs the 1.25% grade west of Ulm, WY.  The two empty cars directly behind the power haul a full Boeing 737 fuselage on their westbound trips.

Three SD70MACs (BN 9621, 9586 & BNSF 9937) lead the C-SCMSCA0-18 east past the old grain elevator at Arno, WY.  This eastbound loaded coal train has just left the Dutch Subdivision and is starting the climb towards Ulm.

BN 9702, BNSF 8972 & BN 9569 lead the E-SPBBKM0-93 past East Kiewit, WY in the early afternoon.  This empty coal train originated on the UP at Boardman, Oregon and will load in the northern part of the Powder River Basin on BNSF.

BNSF 8048 & 6938, in matching Heritage I paint, lead a loaded, eastbound ballast train towards Aberdeen, MT.  On the end of the U-PPSMCR1-20 are a Sheridan, WY based helper set.

The west side of BNSF’s Big Horn Subdivision is a helper district and this loaded ballast train probably would have not made the 1.3% grade from Aberdeen, MT without one of the Sheridan based helper sets.  BNSF 8048 & 6938, on the point of the U-PPSMCR1-20, are just about to top the hill at West Parkman, WY with their 49 loads of ballast in matching Herzog hoppers.

BNSF 8048 & 6938 lead the U-PPSMCR1-20 through East Kiewit, Wyoming with Sheridan-based helper set BN 7261-BNFT 31-BN 9230 on the rear.  This eastbound ballast train originated at the Pipestone Quarry along the MRL with a destination of Moorcroft, WY for its 49 loads and 6294 tons in matching Herzog hoppers.

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