Mountain West Rail
SP&S 700 Westbound
Billings to Bozeman, Montana - October 18, 2002
Photography by Paul Birkholz

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The Spokane, Portland & Seattle #700, a 4-8-4 steam locomotive, led Montana Rockies Rail Tours westbound passenger excursion from Billings, MT on October 18th.  The train departed Billings a little after 8:30 am in a cloud of steam and smoke which also looks great in black & white.

Departure from the yard limits in Laurel, MT was a spectacular display of sight and sound - which sometimes you just need to watch.

Run by at Columbus

Near Craver, MT

East of Quebec with
cars & helicopter in pursuit.

West of Greycliff with
the Crazy Mountains

West of Big Timber

Near Springdale

West of Elton

"The Chase" at Mission

 The excursion stopped in Livingston for two hours to fully lube the SP&S 700 and also conduct two run bys in front of the depot.  During this time the Livingston local arrived from the west and a westbound BNSF intermodal train passed through the yard around the festivities.

Climbing Bozeman Pass
west of Livingston

Remains of the pole line.

East of Muir

West Muir, MT

West of West End,
MT in Rocky Canyon

East of Bozeman

Simmering in Bozeman
for the evening.

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