August 7, 1999 railfanning
I didn't spend much time around the rails on this day but instead up in the Bighorn Mountains.  I did have good luck when I was near the railroad though.

Sheridan, WY Turntable   |   Loaded Coal Train climbing Parkman Hill
 BN Helper Set with A/C  |  TroughTrain in Sheridan and at night.

Only a few of them left... There are not many turntables left on the BNSF system but there is still one in Sheridan, WY.  Every once in a while it is used to turn one of the SD40-2s from a helper set.  Sheridan has 4 or 5 unique helper sets of two SD40-2s split by a fuel tender.  In the distance, you can see three sets waiting for the next loaded coal, grain, or occasional manifest to help over the hill.

No, the shot is not out of focus, it is just that hot.  I took this with the equivalent of a 500mm lens.  The signal in the distance is the approach signal for West Ranchester, WY.  Three BN SD70MACs and a helper set have this Midwest-bound DEEX train slugging uphill at about 15 mph.
Pulling towards Parkman...
It may be a unit coal train but there are not many of the units that are alike.  I kind of like the variation though.  However a matched set of cars does look really good.

Here is the helper set on the end of the coal train above.  BN 7214 has a new addition - a Santa Fe air conditioner.  There is also another helper unit, BN 7209, in Sheridan with an A/C unit but it is already painted black.
A/C on a BN SD40-2?
Pushing towards Parkman. The ground is still vibrating as the helper set continues towards Parkman in Run 8.

One of these things, is not like the other, one of these things is completely different...  It still is, my favorite, the TroughTrain though.  The train was in Sheridan for about eight hours before heading towards the mine.  Before the train left, the 4th SD70MAC was placed on the rear of the train and set up for distributed power operation.
Nothing but lights... Every time I am in Sheridan, the TroughTrain either comes into town in the late evening or leaves for the mine at night.  It still didn't stop me from catching a quick image at the crossing at West Dutch.  Here the train will turn north onto the Dutch Subdivision and roll towards Spring Creek Mine.
All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.
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