August 10, 1999 railfanning
This was mostly a travel day and didn't concentrate on finding trains.  We all loaded into the Suburban after a great breakfast in West Glacier, MT and drove through Glacier Nat'l Park on our way north to Alberta.  I was hoping to find some more trains but didn't have time to wait around in Calgary or really to explore much of Calgary itself.  I'll do that on the next trip north.  We didn't see a single train from Calgary to Lake Louise but plenty of great photo locations.  As usual, when the sun began to set the trains showed up.

CP Caboose in Claresholm   |   Pioneer Elevator
WB manifest at the Continental Divide   |   Yoho siding

A museum piece... This is a Canadian Pacific caboose on display near the museum in Claresholm, AB.  Claresholm is at the end of the MacLeod subdivision.  If you ever travel through Claresholm be sure to visit the museum.  It has some great old railroad memorabilia.

According to my 1999 Canadian Trackside Guide the line from High River to Claresholm is for sale.  From the MOW work I saw a little to the north it may have already been sold and is being scrapped.

I was really happy to find one of these bright orange buildings in Nanton, AB.  I have always seen pictures of the Pioneer elevators on the Great Plains of Alberta but had never seen one in person.  They look like a US state highway department owns them.
Alberta skyscraper.

WB @ Wapta Lake
We finally caught a train right after dinner at Lake Louise.  It was a westbound manifest led by a newer SD90MAC, CP 9149, in the new Canadian Pacific "Beaver" paint scheme.  This is along Wapta Lake just west of the Continental Divide and only a few miles east of the famed Spiral Tunnels.
I really like the reflection in Wapta Lake in this shot.  This is the same train as above at nearly the same location, we're just seeing the bigger picture.  Thanks to Kicking Horse and Spirals Dave for setting me straight on some of the locations on this page.



Twilight at Yoho, BC. We arrived at the Spiral Tunnels with plenty of light but no trains showed up until the sun had set.  This is the same westbound, led by CP 9149, gliding through Cathedral siding which is located between the Spiral Tunnels.

Before this train was an eastbound empty potash train with distributed power as well as one behind it.  There was also coal train that passed by in the dark before we made it to Field.  I heard plenty of trains on the way to Golden, but it was too dark to see anything.

All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.
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