August 15, 1999 railfanning
I spent the weekend in the Bozeman area with a friend.  Unfortunately, she had other commitments Sunday afternoon and I was forced to find my own entertainment.  Life could be worse, I guess. 

BNSF P-train on West Bozeman Pass   |   On East Bozeman Pass
Livingston Depot   |   MRL Helper Set  |  Livingston Rebuild Center

Pulling hard towards Bozeman Pass. Honestly, both of these C44-9Ws are in Heritage II paint and the second one is even newer than the lead unit!

I caught this eastbound P-train just a few miles below West End.  On the rear of this train are 4 MRL helpers.

I love days like this in Montana.  Even though shooting  towards the west is difficult, every once in a while you get lucky.

Following an eastbound up Bozeman Pass is easy with wide shoulders on I-90 and the frontage road exit here at West End.

Still grinding through West End...

West Muir, MT
Smoke rolls out of the tunnel portal as the train starts downhill towards Livingston.  Unlike Mullan Pass, Bozeman Pass has sidings on both sides of the tunnel.  Here on the east side is Muir.

The road cut above the tunnel is where I-90 crosses the pass and also the frontage road to the south.

I told you there were helpers on the rear of this train - a matched set of four, beautiful blue MRL units.  With all of the train now pointed downhill, heat begins to dissipate from the dynamic braking grids as the train moseys through Muir.
Full Dynamics...
Coasting... The east side of Bozeman Pass contrasts quite a bit with the dense, evergreen forests of the west side.  The valley is quite a bit wider on this side also.

With two units on the point and four on the rear there was plenty of dynamic braking for this train.

After cutting off the helpers, the EB P-train rolls by the restored Northern Pacific Livingston Depot.  The Depot now houses a really nice museum along with a restaurant and a gift shop.  I've heard there is a good model railroad downstairs too.

Be sure to stop by if you are in Livingston, it is worth the visit.

Livingston, MT depot

A matched set... FInally, a full view of the helper set pulling into the yard at Livingston.

Notice the first unit is the only one not repainted with the Washington Corp. 'W'.

This is the west side of Livingston Rebuild Center.  The ex-BN C30-7 in the foreground is now owned by and lettered for AGTX.  There were a number of these units on the property.

This is the largest number of LRCX units I have ever seen at Livingston.  Of course, I don't get there as often as I would like.

LRC west yard...
LRC's transfer table...
I think this is one of the most interesting things about LRC, their transfer table.  I don't know when the locomotive cab was added as a control station but it sure gives the table some personality.  Are the controls similar to a real locomotive?

Since it was a Sunday, none of the doors were open and the only power showing was the ex-Guilford six motor unit with the high, short hood in the background.

Here are all three paint schemes that I know of for LRCX.  The first is yellow and dark green, the second - bronze/green, and the third - blue and yellow, which is most prevalent in the fleet.  You can also see at least six tracks worth of dead units.
All 3 LRCX paint schemes.
A nice, wide shot of the west side of LRC.  Yes, that is a CP unit to the right.  Here is a better overall shot though.

I hope you enjoyed the afternoon of railfanning.

All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.  Thus, the
quality sometimes leaves something to be desired.  What do you think of the quality?
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