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December 19, 1999 Railfanning

The promise of finding one of the few remaining DRGW SD40T-2s had us out in the middle of a snow storm this day.  Luckily, it started to clear off as we approached Glenwood Canyon and the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds.  We then got an early Christmas present when we saw DRGW 5409 on the point of the eastbound manifest at Bair Ranch.  With the slick and snow-packed roads, it was a good thing I had the four-wheel drive to keep up and my friend, Todd Busse, along to take most of these images as we raced towards Bond.

East of Dotsero   |  East of Range over the Colorado River
Cab Ride?  |  West Dell  |  Rolling on towards Bond

EB M-train east of Dotsero, CO.
The MRODV had five units on this trip but only the front four were pulling.  Following DRGW 5409 were SP 7459, UP 3166, UP 5577, and SP 275 which was just along for the ride - most likely to the shops in Denver.

In some places, the Colorado River is completely covered in ice but not here just east of Range.
Crossing the Colorado River.

Ride along.
No, I'm not trespassing on a railroad maintenance road.  The Colorado River Road provides some excellent up close experiences like this between Range and Bond.  It is quite startling to be driving in the opposite direction of an oncoming train too.  

Couldn't help but get the standard shot at Dell.  Of course after the train passed, we found a better angle.  Look for that one in the future.  The manifest took the siding here so the westbound Amtrak California Zephyr could glide through on the main line.
West Dell, CO.

The best shot. This was easily the shot of the day.  As we got closer to Bond, the snow got deeper and provided an even better background with every turn.  The snow also made the driving that much more interesting.

All of these images were taken with a Sony FD-91 digital camera.
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