Rio Grande SD40T-2s in Helper, Utah - Jan. 15, 2000
With Union Pacific working to renumber its fleet of locomotives in the coming year or so, I decided it was time to visit Helper, Utah and catch the last hold out of Rio Grande power.  My friend, Todd Busse, and I spent Saturday and Sunday around Helper and found eleven DRGW SD40T-2s in service.  There are so many good images from those days that it will take forever to get them online.  Thus, I have instead done a little gallery of images from each day.  These images are a combination of Todd's and my work.  Sunday's will follow soon.  Enjoy.

Trash Train on the Sunnyside Branch  |  Helpers passing near Nolan
West Kyune  |  Manifest at West Gilluly  |  Helper yard

Local on the Sunnyside branch.
Columbia Jct., UT

DRGW 5360, 5347, and 5345 were the only power on Saturday's trash train up the Sunnyside branch.  They switched out the loads and returned to Helper as light power.
Just enough back light for a great picture on the return trip to Helper.
Returning light.

A little color in the winter trees. Two sets of helpers passing on the "wrong" tracks near the Nolan tunnels.  The six Utah Railway units are headed downhill on the westbound track after helping a unit coal train up the hill.

The two Rio Grande units are pushing a westbound manifest (MDVRO) up the hill and will cut off west of Kyune.

West Kyune, Utah
After cutting off the manifest near the upper part of this image, Rio Grande 5365 and 5401 began the trek back to Helper to wait for the next train to push up the mountain.
Now eastbound at Kyune.

Coasting with the dynamics on...
East Gilluly, Utah

No T-2s here, but this is the manifest that was helped towards Soldier Summit by the two unit helper set above.  Here a SP and UP AC4400 bring the train through the middle of the loops on the west side of the pass.

This view of the locomotive facilities at Helper shows all eleven DRGW units currently working the locals and helper assignments.  That is the typical smoke from one of these idling units which made for a very eerie effect at night.
All lined up and ready to go...

All of these images captured with a Sony FD91 digital camera.
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