Second Day in Helper, Utah - Jan. 16, 2000
There wasn't much happening in the morning until a empty Utah Railway coal train arrived.  We followed it to the loadout at Wildcat and watched as they started loading the train.  I have images and a MPEG movie of this that I will upload at a later date.  Around noon, when we planned to leave, the traffic started to show up.  So, of course we stayed and decided to drive home late.  It was well worth it even though it was overcast and spitting rain or snow depending on the elevation.

Westbound BNSF manifest  |  Westbound UP manifest MDVRO
Utah Railway @ West Kyune  |  Eastbound empty near Kyune  | T-2s in the yard

WB BNSF manifest at Kyune, UT.
Kyune, UT

This westbound manifest was the first of two manifests that arrived in  Helper around noon.  This one is a BNSF trackage rights train led by three high horsepower GE units.  This train made it up the hill at 23 mph without helpers.  The track in the middle is the center siding with the main tracks on the outside.

Castle Gate, UT.

SP and UP AC4400s put all they've got into a heavy westbound manifest destined for Roper.  The train is passing the mine fed power plant located right in the canyon.  There is also a loadout farther to the west with a small yard to facilitate this operation.  From the stockpile that developed over the weekend it looked like a train would need to be loaded soon.
Grinding past the power plant.
Bringing up the rear. It wouldn't be Helper with out a few on the end of the train.  DRGW 5345, 5347 & 5360 add their 9000 hp to help lift this manifest towards the summit.  This is the same set of units that were on the trash train the day before.  Even with 8800 more HP on the front, this train was only going 12 mph through the detector at Castle Gate.

West Kyune, Utah
This westbound Utah Railway coal train of IPPX hoppers arrived from the east around 9:00am and started to load at Wildcat, UT.  Less than two hours later it was heading back west with another load of coal.  These trains use UP power but have Utah Railway crews on board.
Getting ready to pass...
Mid-train overdrive...
At Martin, a six unit helper set of Utah Railway SD40s was added about 2/3rds of the way back.  With this kind of power, the coal train caught the manifest just west of Kyune.  However, the manifest had to stop so the Rio Grande helper set could cut off and go back east.  The two trains then "raced" to the top of the summit where the manifest continued on and the Utah Railway coal train cut out the helper.

At Soldier Summit, we found why the coal train could not pass the manifest, there was another train in the way!  This is the eastbound west of Kyune.  This train was also headed for the loadout on the Utah Railway.  That would make two trains there in less than 5 hours when there is reported to be only one train a day.
Coasting down from the summit.

Unfortunately, it was time to head back to Colorado but this was a nice send off. 
Living history.

All of these images captured with a Sony FD91 digital camera.
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